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Tilford Illusions guarantees the highest quality of its products.

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Tilford has been specializing in illusions for over 50 years.
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And for this reason, whether you need a classic Stage Magic or a brand new idea, we can provide you all what it is needed from a practical design to a ready stage Illusion.


Tilford Illusions designs and develops new ideas and redo some old projects. We work with Water Jet CNC machines and Computerized Pantographs, Laser can engrave on aluminum, Tylon and Titanium. Using modern MIG – MAG and TIG welding techniques. Tilford illusions manages to get good illusions with unbeatable price quality on the market.

Tilford Illusions uses state-of-the-art Autocad design software and 3D rendering studio. Through these software we get projects in scale 1.1. Through these software and the help of the GEAR VT I also manage to interact with the virutal reality, in ways that the client can see his stage object directly in 4D.

How We WorkHow

Tilford Illusions works like this:
As far as we are specialized in the field of illusions and the elements concerning Stage Magic, it is good to know the phases of our work activity. From the design to the finished product. That is, our equipment in the world of illusions.

Ideas or Requests

Tilford Illusions, is known for its experience and for this reason it tries to understand what to introduce as a novelty through ideas or direct requests from the end user.

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CAD Design

Tilford Illusions is meticulous and attentive to every detail.
Precisely for this reason, once the idea of the element to be realized has been clarified, we move on to designing this product.

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Tilford Illusions, despite his proven experience in illusions,
before selling the product, carry out tests to see if the equipment in question is functional and efficient for the end user.

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Finished Product.

Once the product is finished and the testing phase is over, the product is sold. Only hight quality products, for Tilford Illusions. Contact us for every kind of informations.

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Because we are the perfectionists of illusion equipment, years of proven experience and field updates.

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